Before I came to see Dr. Nuttall, I was struggling with extreme sciatica pain and was feeling angry and frustrated. I was beginning to feel that was no answer. After three weeks of seeing Dr. Nuttall I noticed that the pain was far less severe and was staying better for longer periods of time. The muscles that had been constricting the vertebrae and pinching the sciatic nerve gently and firmly moved back into their proper position. Anytime my back tweaks, one maintenance session helps regain movement and comfort. I do this at least biweekly whenever possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Nuttall because he is very knowledgeable, confident, and he listens! He stays on top of his own learning, makes connections, and explains everything very well to the patient.  ~Anita


I came in for acupuncture struggling with chronic pain, neck pain, and leg pain. I was resigned to always hurting someplace on my body. After my first treatment with Dr. Nuttall, I felt so much better in body and spirit! And I was amazed that my mind, too, was clearer and more relaxed in general. Dr Nuttall not only impressed me with his talent, but his happiness to teach on health issues.  ~Alicia


Before I came to see Dr. Nuttall, I was struggling with PMS, indigestion issues and stress. I was feeling depressed, anxious, sluggish. After seeing Dr. Nuttall for the last six months, I am now much less depressed and anxious despite my high pressure job. And my digestion and PMS problems have improved, I now feel stronger and more positive. Dr. Nuttall is a great listener. His talent, experience and knowledge have a really helped me.  

I came to see Dr. Nuttall struggling with stiffness, limited range of motion, and no appetite. I was very concerned about having no appetite. After about four weeks of seeing Dr. Nuttall I was surprised that I had back my full range of motion. I was waking up hungry again and felt very calm and happy about enjoying meals again. I feel good again now that that I'm doing everything I can to be healthy and happy. Dr. Nuttall is very caring and interested in helping his patients feel their best.